[erlang-questions] Asynchrous Ssl Listen/Accept

Essien Ita Essien me@REDACTED
Fri Dec 12 04:22:35 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'm investigating the possibility of having asynchronous ssl accept'ing 
in an application. (Prefarably using new_ssl, though if old is what I
need, then I have no prolems using it)

Basically, something akin to the prim_inet:async_accept/1 trick for tcp 

I'm a few months old in erlang, so trying to peruse the ssl source code 
gave me more than a few bouts of migrane, and I'm not helped by not 
groking the ssl protocol flow really.

Is there any where I should look to find this, maybe a pointer in the 
right direction. What's throwing me off, is I can't seem to find the 
division b/w the new_ssl and the old ssl implementation. I have traced 
as far as ssl_connection:accept, but from there, i get very lost, very fast.

Any help, much appreciated.


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