[erlang-questions] NET_KERNEL "blocking"

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Wed Dec 10 17:06:41 CET 2008

Any idea what can cause net_kernel to stop processing messages?

AFAIK, net_kernel is responsible for servicing socket which is bound to the 
listening port registered with EPMD, and as such should never enter any kind 
of deadlock. However, what we saw is that net_kernel's process message queue 
was increasing with each new connection request, but never flushed, and 
never changing reduction count -- hence indicating a deadlock of some kind 
The effect of this was that the node was "locked" -- whichever remote node 
had a connection establihsed at the time this happened, was able to carry 
on, however, no new connections were allowed.

We're ysing R11B... cannot remember, but I think the last bug-fix release 
for R11.

Any feedback is wellcome.


(*) It appears that net_kernel blocked while busy infomring client about 
acceptance of the connection, in other words -- not while waiting for a new 
connection request (ok...indication, if you wish (-;).

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