[erlang-questions] Upgrading gen_tcp socket to ssl

Ingela Anderton Andin ingela@REDACTED
Fri Dec 5 09:28:27 CET 2008


Thank you for the feedback :)

> Ingela Anderton Andin wrote:
>>> But when I try ssl:connect(Gen_tcp_socket,[{verify,0}]), I get
>>> {eoptions,{cacertfile,[]}}.
>>> The Gen_tcp_socket is a socket created using gen_tcp:connect/3.
>>> Since {verify,0}, why is a cacertfile required.
>> Verify options was one of the things that was not fully implemented.
>> Ssl-3.10 will soon be out in R12B-5 and then the new ssl-implementation
>> will be much more complete but still there are a few limitations left 
>> before it can completely replace the old ssl. You are welcome to try it
>> and we are of course interested in any feedback that you might have.
> I'm using ssl-3.10 and I still see the same problem:
> "cacertfile" is required even if {verify,0} is explicitly specified as 
> option .
> As example
>  ssl:connect("zimbra.erlangsystems.com", 443, [{verify,0},{ssl_imp,new}]).
> {error,{eoptions,{cacertfile,[]}}}
>  ssl:connect("zimbra.erlangsystems.com", 443, [{verify,0}]).             
> {ok,{sslsocket,5,<0.1664.0>}}
Sorry that was our mistake we forgot to remove the restriction in the
"option list handling" it will be removed for the next release.

> Trying to upgrade a tcp socket I put as cacertfile the filename of a 
> certificate I have on my machine and I've got the following error report
>  ssl:connect(#Port<0.3428>,[{certfile,"certs/mycert.pem"},
>  {keyfile,"certs/mycert.key"},
>  {cacertfile,"certs/vsign.pem"},
>  {verify,0}, {ssl_imp, new}])
> =ERROR REPORT==== 4-Dec-2008::17:57:05 ===
> SSL: hello: ./ssl_record.erl:291:Fatal error: record_overflow
Humm .. we have test-cases for upgrade that works fine we do something 
along the lines of:

Server process:
{ok, ListenSocket} = gen_tcp:listen(9999, [binary,{reuseaddr,true}])

{ok, AcceptSocket} = gen_tcp:accept(ListenSocket)

Client process:
{ok, Socket} = gen_tcp:connect("armed", 9999, [binary,{reuseaddr,true}])

Server process:

ssl:ssl_accept(AcceptSocket, [{ssl_imp,new},
                               {cacertfile, "server/cacerts.pem"},
                               {certfile, "server/cert.pem"},
                               {keyfile, "server/key.pem"}])
Client process:

ssl:connect(Socket, [{cacertfile, "client/cacerts.pem"},
                            {certfile, "client/cert.pem"},
                            {keyfile, "client/key.pem"},

Is it possible for you to provide us with more information so we can 
repeat your

I do not know what server end you use, but you have to agree with the 
server end
to make the upgrade prior to calling ssl:connect.

> Btw, is it written anywhere in the doc that ssl needs public_key? I 
> thought crypto was the only required application...
If no where else, it stated in the release notes. public_key is a 
library application that
will be used by more applications in the future and that is why we broke 
the code out from
ssl. (Crypto is no library application it has its own processes).  Both 
public_key and ssl uses crypto.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP - Ericsson

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