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Parnell Springmeyer ixmatus@REDACTED
Tue Dec 2 10:40:48 CET 2008

Ulises wrote:
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> Subject: Re: [erlang-questions] RDF libraries/modules?
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>> Has anyone begun or even completed a module for parsing RDF?
> I'm also on the look for this to the point where I'm considering
> writing one myself. Any pointers on where to begin?
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I am also considering writing one myself - I am soon going to begin 
building an RDF Triple Store in Erlang - maybe we should make a google 
code project? Either way RDF parsers are not all that difficult to build 
- parsers with SPARQL support, forward chaining reasoning support, and 
triple store backend support are another story entirely. At this point 
I'm only interested in a proof-of-concept for my own triple store 
project and would only be looking at a module that can parse an RDF 
graph and serialize to an RDF graph.

--- Parnell Springmeyer

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