[erlang-questions] NYC CouchDB meetup / talk

Chris Anderson jchris@REDACTED
Sun Aug 31 21:39:17 CEST 2008

New York Couchers / Erlangers,

(Pardon the cross-post)

I'll be in Brooklyn from September 14th to the 20th, so if anyone
would like to meetup for a beer to talk about CouchDB, I'd be
thrilled. I'd also be happy to give a talk about CouchDB from a user's
perspective, or to talk about the CouchDB internals. (I'm still
learning Erlang in depth, but I know the CouchDB codebase pretty well
at this point.)

In any case, I'd love to meet with some NYC Erlangers / CouchDB users.
I've seen some talk about getting an NYC Erlounge off the ground, I'd
be really excited to attend that if it happens when I'm in town.


Chris Anderson

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