[erlang-questions] How do I include a library across muiltple apps in a release?

Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Sat Aug 30 14:22:21 CEST 2008

you only need to write a .app file
from http://erlang.org/doc/design_principles/applications.html#7

The contents of a minimal .app file for a library application libapp looks
like this:

{application, libapp, []}.

(I think the docs might be misleading though, I got errors using the
this is what I use

{application, appname, [
  {description, "Description"},
  {vsn, "1.0"},
  {applications, [kernel, stdlib]}

then have systools find that app file when generating the .rel

2008/8/30 Matt Williamson <dawsdesign@REDACTED>

> Let's say I have a typical release directory like so:
> /myrel
>     |- lib/
>         |- app1/
>             |- src/
>             |- ebin/
>             |- include/
>             |- doc/
>         |- app2/...
>         |- app3/...
> How would I include a single module, which can be called by modules in all
> of the applications? The only two ways I can think of is make it into an app
> (I personally think that's overkill because I just want to call a function
> in the module) or make a symlink, which won't work in windows.
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