[erlang-questions] Proper way to build 64-bit R12B-3 on solaris10/opensolaris

Paul Fisher pfisher@REDACTED
Thu Aug 28 20:48:09 CEST 2008

What is the supported way to build a 64-bit R12B-3 on Solaris 

I'm asking because I have gotten a version to work, by specifying 
CC='gcc -m64' LD=$CC when configuring, and then fixing up the @DED_LD@ 
things in the common_test rx driver by hand.  This has worked fine for a 
large variety of things including our own linked-in drivers. 
Unfortunately today I discovered that they way the the crypto_drv gets 
built it does not work correctly doesn't load.

Any direction on the "right way" to build 64-bit version for solaris, or 
what others have done would be appreciated.


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