[erlang-questions] Using a queue

yoursurrogategod@REDACTED yoursurrogategod@REDACTED
Tue Aug 26 01:53:34 CEST 2008

I'm trying to use the queue module in Erlang by trying it out in the
console. Here is what I tried and here are the results:

34> T1 = queue:new().
35> queue:in("foo", T1).
36> queue:in("bar", T1).
37> queue:out(T1).
38> queue:out(T1).
39> queue:out(T1).
40> queue:in("foo", T1).
41> queue:out(T1).

What confuses me here is that I expected foo and bar to be somehow
next to one another after inserting bar. Why is it that it's only foo?

Also, I have another question. I would like a linked list in Erlang
(similar to the STL list class in C++), is there something like that?
It would be also nice if the individual elements in the said list
could be accessed in a similar fashion as an array :) (don't know if
this is possible).

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