[erlang-questions] tcerl memory use, etc

jason pellerin jpellerin@REDACTED
Fri Aug 15 18:44:55 CEST 2008

Viktor wrote:

> If you want to estimate tc memory requirements without Erlang driver
> attached, you can speak to tokyocabinet Tyrant
> (http://tokyocabinet.sourceforge.net/tyrantdoc/) with using memcached
> protocol. At least it will geve an imagination about real cache sizes on
> your system.

Thanks! That proved to be very informative. Tyrant's network
performance doesn't come close to matching erlang's, so I can't hit it
as hard as I can my actual server, I was able to see the same behavior
there as with erlang+tcerl. Basically, tokyocabinet (at least the b+
version) is only fast when you give it more memory than I can afford.

So I'm back to dets. With some further experiments, I've found that
zipping the record payload results in performance that's good enough
for my needs for now. I'll probably give that a whirl with tcerl too,
just for comparison.

Thanks for your help/insight, everyone.


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