[erlang-questions] system_limit and enfile errors when acceptiing/opening connections

Claes Wikstrom klacke@REDACTED
Fri Aug 15 15:54:29 CEST 2008

Artak Avetisyan wrote:
> Dear All
> We have encountered a strange problem on our erlang-driven web-service, 
> which uses yaws for accepting connections from outer world and http 

Interesting, I've had the enfile problem at http://yaws.hyber.org
a number of times as well. My problem was a bittorrent client
running havoc (Yeahh ... I know it's a really bad idea to run
bittorrent clients on production servers ... )

Apart from that, yaws dies and is restarted by heart if accept()
fails with enfile.

There has been some discussion on the yaws list what is the
appropriate thing to do for yaws if accept() fails.
Today it dies - on purpose.


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