[erlang-questions] tcerl memory usage, plans for hash-type db

jason pellerin jpellerin@REDACTED
Thu Aug 14 18:08:58 CEST 2008

I'm interested in using tcerl for a few projects, but I'm running into
issues that I don't know how to resolve. The big one is memory use.
While I can tune it a bit by decreasing the leaf and non-leaf node
caches, tcerl still seems to grab tons of RAM, much more than I was
(naively?) expecting. With the two cache params set to 64 each, a db
of 7000 40k records takes up almost 400mb of ram. With the default
cache params of 1024 and 512, it consumes over 1G. Syncs of a db of
this size also take several seconds, which effectively means that I'd
never be able to sync, except when shutting down a node.

Tcerl folks -- am I doing something wrong? I need to support dbs of
about 100,000 records of this size (with a *lot* of reads and writes)
with reasonable enough RAM usage that each node can fit onto an EC2
instance with a bunch of other stuff -- realistically, 256M at most.
I'd guess that the tokyocabinet hash db would be better suited to our
needs, since we don't need ordered_set. But would the RAM use be any
different, and do you have near-term plans to add support for the hash
db to tcerl?

Does anyone have any other suggestions for storage backends to try?
Dets unfortunately is much too slow, and mnesia with disc tables too

Thanks (and thanks for tcerl!)


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