[erlang-questions] Auto recompilation

Paul Guyot pguyot@REDACTED
Wed Aug 13 09:18:47 CEST 2008


Do you know of an auto-recompilation server, i.e. a process that  
looks for changes in source files and recompiles whatever changed in  
the background?

There is eunit's watcher, but from I gather reading the source, it is  
not an auto-recompilation server. It is opt-in (you must declare  
modules to watch), it doesn't recompile and it uses code:purge/1  
instead of code:soft_purge/1 (which can kill a process).

I've cooked a simple one, but since this is a very small (<200 lines)  
albeit useful program, I guess there should be a more mature  
implementation around, but I couldn't find one with a Google search.


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