[erlang-questions] Slower ets lookups in SMP mode

Colm Dougan colm.dougan@REDACTED
Fri Aug 8 20:32:52 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I have an application that needs to do intensive ets lookups (hundreds
of thousand per second) but since I've moved to SMP mode I've noticed
that the performance of these lookups has degraded (approximately 2.5
times slower for a basic benchmark on my hardware) and I'm trying to
find ways to optimize this.  I understand that the slower performance
is to do with the fact that 2 locks are required per ets lookup in SMP

I'd appreciate any suggestions on optimizing this.  For example, is
there an efficient (faster than individual lookups) way to batch ets
lookups so that I could lookup (say) 4 keys at once?  Any other


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