[erlang-questions] Issue starting Yaws in Cygwin

Berlin Brown berlin.brown@REDACTED
Tue Aug 5 17:32:53 CEST 2008

I am trying to get yaws 1.77 running on cygwin.  The instructions seem
pretty detailed and up to the point of running, everything worked
fine.  But when I run I get the following error:

$ bin/yaws
Eshell V5.6  (abort with ^G)
=INFO REPORT==== 5-Aug-2008::11:27:52 ===
Yaws: Using config file c:/projects/tools/home/src/yaws/run/etc/
=INFO REPORT==== 5-Aug-2008::11:27:52 ===
    application: crypto
    exited: {shutdown,{crypto_app,start,[normal,[]]}}
    type: temporary
=ERROR REPORT==== 5-Aug-2008::11:27:52 ===
Failed to start: badarg

Most recent version of Erl (most recent download as of  7/20/2008),
and Yaws (most recent as of 8/5/2008)

I ran this to check if crytpo is available.

1> crypto:module_info().

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