[erlang-questions] newb: Erlang Mnesia Full Text Search

joe lee codewalkerjoe@REDACTED
Wed Sep 26 02:24:47 CEST 2007

At our company, we are planning to implement a web app in Erlang and
Mnesia.  In the previous project (php) we looked at Java Lucene, Xapian and
Sphinx Search.  We finally decided with Sphinx Search.  Sphin Search was
very fast compared Lucene, Xapian and was easy to setup.  Its just hooks
into mysql.

To any web app, search feature is essential.  So my question is, is there a
search/indexer in Erlang, where you can set weights to different
fields(title, tags, descriptions)?  Or any binding/ported version of
lucene,  xapian or sphinx search?

Does Mnesia has the ability to set weights to different fields or in this
case objects?

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