[erlang-questions] gs and canvas

ZeD vito.detullio@REDACTED
Sun Sep 23 20:58:26 CEST 2007

Hi all,
  I'm studying erlang, and, ATM I'm looking at GS.
It's a nice module, but I find a problem in the canvas objects.
AFAIK all canvas objects (arcs, ovals, images...) must have a canvas as a
parent, and I can't add a canvas as a child of another canvas, widthout

So, how can I create a custom object? As example, I want to generate
a "dartboard" object, made of 6 ovals, 6 labes and some line, and I want it
haves a unique Id, and to bind all the "generic" event (buttonpress,
motion, etc) and maybe some others, and also the same about the Options
(coords, hit, etc).

Is there an obvious way I can't see?

As a workaround I just create the objects, but is a PITA to bind objects
togheter externally (and incredibly orrid to see).

Under construction

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