[erlang-questions] Iterating (Page scrolling) over Mnesia database

shahzad bhatti bhatti_shahzad@REDACTED
Mon Sep 24 06:38:49 CEST 2007

This worked, but is there a way to do page scrolling with explicit start position and number of rows (without skipping manually). Let's say, I am sorting by name, I can't use id to control the start position. I would like to say 
List = select rows with some query starting from 10000th record and max 200.
Thanks again.

David King <dking@REDACTED> wrote: > I am looking for a way to iterate over the results in the Mnesia  
> that are ordered by some element, in other words equivalent of
> SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY MYFIELD -- that can return results in  
> cursor like fashion

The idea is to combine query handles, like this:

mnesia:transaction(fun() ->
   % give me all of the authors from the author table with an ID over 10
   Q1=qlc:q([ X || X <- mnesia:table(author), X#author.id > 10 ]),

   % sort them by name
               {order, % I'm using the OrderFun form here. See  
                fun(Author1,Author2) ->
                  Author1#author.name < Author2#author.name

   % and run the query

Note that these query handles aren't evaluated until you ask them to  
be (with fold, cursor, eval, etc), so it's not as inefficient as  
sorting them all in memory if, for instance, indexes are available..  
To iterate over them, use qlc:fold or qlc:cursor instead of qlc:eval:

qlc:fold(fun(Author,AccIn) ->
          end, 0, Q2).

That would give me the sum of all of the IDs in the results (which is  
a bit contrived, but you get the idea)

More information at http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/qlc.html

> Or page scrolling like
> SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY MYFIELD where rownum > 100 and rownum  
> < 200;
> I see foldl and foldr methods can iterate, and qlc can query, but  
> can someone point me how to implement Cursor or page scrolling  
> behavior.
> Thanks in advance.
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