[erlang-questions] Help - Can I stop this warning?

Lennart Öhman Lennart.Ohman@REDACTED
Sat Sep 22 17:04:33 CEST 2007

Hi, the easiest way would be to refrain from using a case when you don't have
more than one branch.


[begin  {_,{_,F,_}}=process_info(self(),current_function), F end]

Another reason not to use your suggestion is that define leads to that the
subtituation gets copied into the locations where you use ?IOFUN. And since F
actually gets exported (since it becomes bound in all (the only) branches)
it might very well mess with another varible F in the variable scoop where
you use IOFUN. What I am trying to say in too many words is that there is
a very good reason for the warning to be there :-)

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I have been playing with this macro to print the current functions name:

-define(IOFUN(), io:format("~s: ", [case process_info(self
(),current_function) of {_,{_,F,_}} ->F end])).

Unfortunately, I get this irritating warning on *every* function, on the first use of ?IOFUN():
./script.erl:34: Warning: variable 'F' exported from 'case' (line 31) ...

Can someone suggest how I get rid of it?


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