[erlang-questions] Mnesia - How to fix inconsistency on a running node.

Mazen Harake mazen@REDACTED
Fri Sep 21 15:42:39 CEST 2007

Hello All.

Assuming you have two nodes running mnesia who end up having two (or
more) inconsistent tables, my current approach to solve this is to set
one to master and then restart the other node(s) (not just mnesia, even
though that also works). However, I was trying to somehow achieve the
same result but with the both nodes still running without actually
having to restart one of them (not even mnesia). As far as I can tell it
can't be done since mnesia according to documentation only do this at
start up by bypassing the normal start up procedure.

So my questions are:
1) Can you somehow fix an inconsistency by chosing the master without
having to restart the other nodes or mnesia applications?

2) Assuming you could, what do you think would be the downside of doing

One could argue that if you have inconsistency in one (or more) node(s)
then they would be useless anyway until they are fixed and therefore
shouldn't be used. But the point is that even if they are not
consistent, adding new data to it should not affect the inconsistent
part (unless it depends on it). This would on the other hand be
implementation dependent.

Anyone out there who would care to share their experience in this matter?


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