[erlang-questions] A new erlang book?

Cameron Kerr ckerr@REDACTED
Fri Sep 21 03:31:07 CEST 2007

I'm currently proposing a paper for our Telecommunications program,  
the paper will be about Architectures for Computer Network  
Applications. I would be very interested in a book that would be  
suitable as a course text (I've got 'Programming Erlang' ordered).

I'm proposing we teach the course in Erlang, because it simply  
wouldn't be feasible to teach in C or Java, and would like a book  
that teaches a good amount of principle, as well as a useful subset  
of Erlang/OTP.

I'd also like to hear of any suitable papers that people would  
recommend (I'm thinking of prescribing part of Joe's thesis as a  

As a bonus, something that also includes a bit of P2P architecture  
would be appreciated.

On 21/09/2007, at 5:41 AM, Salvatore Mangano wrote:

> I am two chapters into writing a new book on Erlang. There will  
> inevitably
> be some overlap with Joe's book because I want to make it stand by  
> itself.
> However, the main emphasis is on using Erlang to develop large  
> projects
> where concurrency and fault tolerance are crucial. I plan to use  
> financial
> trading as my example domain. I will have greater coverage of the  
> various
> pieces of the Erlang stack (Yaws, Rabbit MQ, Mnesia, My SQL  
> interfacing,
> etc.) There will also emphasis on development of unit tests.
> I would love to hear what subscribers to this list want to see in a  
> new
> book.
> I am also looking for people who would like to be technical editors.
> Please email me off list.
> -Sal Mangano
> smangano (at) into-technology (dot) com
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> pat eyler wrote:
>> The other day, a publisher asked me what I thought about the
>> potential market for books on Functional Programming.  As we
>> talked, it became obvious that they want to play in this space
>> and are looking for some feedback.  It sounds like they want to
>> put out a (some) book(s) that are a little bit more advanced than
>> Joe's Programming Erlang, or the upcoming O'Reilly book on
>> Haskell without doing yet another dry, academic tome.
> I really, really liked the approach that Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike
> took in The Practice Of Programming, in that they did not restrict
> themselves to one language.
> A nice book on functional programming would use various languages, and
> use those to highlight things like how eager vs.  lazy influences your
> programming style, similarly for static vs dynamic typing, and so on.
> But keeping it practical, showing the benefits of both ways.
> Robby
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