[erlang-questions] A new erlang book?

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Thu Sep 20 10:42:35 CEST 2007

pat eyler wrote:
> The other day, a publisher asked me what I thought about the
> potential market for books on Functional Programming.  As we
> talked, it became obvious that they want to play in this space
> and are looking for some feedback.  It sounds like they want to
> put out a (some) book(s) that are a little bit more advanced than
> Joe's Programming Erlang, or the upcoming O'Reilly book on
> Haskell without doing yet another dry, academic tome.

I really, really liked the approach that Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike
took in The Practice Of Programming, in that they did not restrict
themselves to one language.

A nice book on functional programming would use various languages, and
use those to highlight things like how eager vs.  lazy influences your
programming style, similarly for static vs dynamic typing, and so on.
But keeping it practical, showing the benefits of both ways.


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