[erlang-questions] A new erlang book?

pat eyler pat.eyler@REDACTED
Wed Sep 19 17:01:18 CEST 2007

The other day, a publisher asked me what I thought about the
potential market for books on Functional Programming.  As we
talked, it became obvious that they want to play in this space
and are looking for some feedback.  It sounds like they want to
put out a (some) book(s) that are a little bit more advanced than
Joe's Programming Erlang, or the upcoming O'Reilly book on
Haskell without doing yet another dry, academic tome.

I'd love to collect some feedback about:

Why Erlang is (or isn't) the right language.

Who might be interested in/good at writing such a

What topic(s) should be covered?

Would it be better to write a traditional, big book or several
smaller e-book/print books (in the 100-150 page range) about
individual topics?

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