[erlang-questions] Comma, semicolon. Aaaaa

Lone Wolf hubaghdadi@REDACTED
Sat Sep 15 15:44:12 CEST 2007

Well guys, I'm struggling with Erlang syntax.
Does Erlang has line terminators like C++ or Java?
Consider this sinppet:
convert_list_to_c([{Name, {f, F}} | Rest]) ->
    Converted_City = {Name, {c, (F -32)* 5 / 9}},
    [Converted_City | convert_list_to_c(Rest)];
Why there is a comma after {Name, {c, (F -32)* 5 / 9}} ?
  Another snippet and the same question:
format_temps(List_of_cities) ->
    Converted_List = convert_list_to_c(List_of_cities),
  Another one:
foreach(Fun, [First|Rest]) ->
    foreach(Fun, Rest);
  How to define blocks? using { } for example ? or by using indentation (aka Python) ?
All these snippets are from Erlang docs.

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