[erlang-questions] Representation of a map in bytecode?

Hugh Perkins hughperkins@REDACTED
Sat Sep 15 06:02:14 CEST 2007

How is a map represented in bytecode?  To what extent is it clearly
identifiable as a map, directly from the bytecode?

Kindof contemplating to what extent it could be interesting/useful/fun
to make a fork of Erlang that automatically parallelizes maps across
available processor cores.

This should probably be done dynamically, at runtime.  I guess two options are:

- write a wrapper function around map that communicates with some kind
of scheduler process   (presumably not the build-in scheduler, at
least initially), to split the map across multiple cores if there are
some available

- extend the vm (and perhaps the byte-code) so that the vm can detect
maps and automatically split them across multiple available processor
cores where appropriate

Just kindof contemplating out of curiosity.  No idea how feasible it
is, or how useful, but interests me, especially with Tilera-64s and so
on on the horizon.

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