[erlang-questions] question about node spawning

Michael McDaniel erlangx@REDACTED
Wed Sep 12 21:57:24 CEST 2007

On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 03:14:30PM -0300, Josh Noble wrote:
> Hi, please let me know if this is off-topic or could be handled
> somewhere else better, but I figured I'd throw it up here and see what
> happens. When I initialize a process like:
> erl -sname base
> I get this:
> (base@REDACTED)
> which throws errors when I try to run the "multiple processes on
> localhost" example from ch. 10 of the Programming Erlang book because
> the rpc chokes on the 'cpe-190-55-115-44'. I'm not sure why this is
> happening, but if anyone has any advice on how to configure processes
> when they're spawned a little better. I can of course just do

 I guess that 'cpe-109-55-115-44' (with single quotes) would work fine, 
 since it is an atom.  However, cpe-109-55-115-44 is not an atom and, 
 with the minus sign, is not a valid expression, either.

 1> cpe-109-55-115-44.
 =ERROR REPORT==== <snip>
 ** exited: {badarith,[{erl_eval,eval_op,3},

 It appears that your computer's hostname is getting set to the ISP's
 name for your location.  "Customer Premise Equipment ..." with your IP.
                          cpe-190-blah blah

 If you change your hostname to a valid erlang expression, then your
 "erl -sname base" should work fine.


> erl -sname base@REDACTED
> and it's fine. I'm just wondering why the default spawning is a little
> strange. Thanks,
> Josh
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