[erlang-questions] Yaws, ErlyWeb and Windows.

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Hi Jan

Thanks for the response. I'm probably being really thick here but I don't have that much experience with the way these extensions are added to erlang. I didn't really understand much of what you said. The first reply you sent some files, unfortunately yaws.app was blocked. Your first email suggested it should just run so I copied yaws from the repository (which was pre-built) into lib, but how do I start yaws? 

I'm about to start on a management console for my project and yaws/erlyweb/mnesia is a preferable approach but I also have a good set of Java API's to my erlang core and Java/Spring/MySQL is another approach. I don't know how much pain I will have to go through to get yaws etc working and build up enough knowledge to use it effectively. The fact that there was little response does worry me. The project needs to run on Windows, Linux and OSX but I develop on Windows because that's where I am most of the time. Sorry to ramble on, just thinking aloud. I'm sure it does work (in fact it does because the repository version runs in the special erl runtime) but right now I see a few individuals that have managed to get things working in their very individual ways. It would be 'nice' to have one official way that is properly explained and works.

If you could explain in a little more detail what each step does and how to perform it, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Bob

I have been using YAWS on the Windows platfrom for all my projects and 
applications and it works well.

Here is a short list of steps to get yaws to comiple on a Windows box:

Compiling YAWS for Win32
1 Copy yaws-X.XX into lib directory of Erlang
2 Create the following files using the templates in the src direcory of YAWS
   - yaws_vsn.erl
   - yaws_generated.erl
3 Create the mime_types.erl file from mime_type_c.erl
   - Create a file charset.def in the src directory of YAWS
   - Compile mime_type_c.erl
   - Use the compiled mime_type_c:compile(). to generage mime_types.erl
4 Create yaws.app file
5 Create an Emakefile

I hope this helps.

Jan Jacobs

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> Hi All
> Can someone give me the picture on Yaws and ErlyWeb under Windows please. 
> Firstly I've failed pretty dismally to get Yaws working on Windows. I 
> compiled and run it on Linux no problem. I found some info on building 
> under cygwin and also some batch files to compile natively but both fail 
> me right now. I did download the erlang repository (Erlang-Projects.Org) 
> and that runs up Yaws fine but it seems to use some tricks to do it and I 
> can't see how to just copy the Yaws directory and use it with my existing 
> erlang system.
> If you have successfully got Yaws working what route did you use - I'd 
> rather not run it under cygwin because nothing else in my erlang systems 
> need to and I don't see why Yaws should be diferent.
> I've also read some posts that suggest ErlyWeb does not work under 
> Windows. Does anyone know of any issues?
> Thanks for any help.
> Bob
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