[erlang-questions] [Q] Mnesia is overloaded

Roberto Saccon rsaccon@REDACTED
Mon Sep 10 15:20:40 CEST 2007

on my development laptop I see this each time the laptop "wakes up".
Anyway this was very recently discussed on this list, including
suggestions how to deal with it, hope that helps


On 9/10/07, Ladislav Lenart <lenartlad@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hello,
> we encountered the following mnesia warning report in our system log:
> Mnesia is overloaded: {dump_log, write_threshold}
> The log contains several such reports within one second and then
> nothing for a while.
> Our setup:
>   * The core is one mnesia table of type disc_copies that contains
>     persistent state of all entities (concurrent processes) in our
>     system (one table row for one entity).
>   * The system consists of 20 such entities.
>   * Each entity is responsible for updating its state in the table
>     whenever it changes.
>   * We use mnesia:dirty_write/2, because we have no dependency
>     among tables and each entity updates its state only.
> In the worst case, there is 20 processes that want to write to the
> table but each to a different row.
> Our questions:
>   * What precisely does the report mean?
>   * Can we do something about it?
>   * We plan to scale from units to thousands of entities. Will this
>     be a problem? If so, how can we overcome it? If not, why not?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ladislav Lenart
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Roberto Saccon

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