[erlang-questions] Newbie training project proposal

Tomasz Błachowicz tblachowicz@REDACTED
Mon Sep 10 11:18:44 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm looking for wannabe/newbie erlang developers who'd like to learn
that language in practice. I'm going to create new open source project
from scratch that will aim to implement STOMP messaging protocol [1]
in erlang. I've been considering both client and server side

The STOMP protocol is a quite interesting proposal of simple
text-oriented messaging protocol. While coding we could probably
explore such erlang areas like socket programming, possibly gen_server
framework, Mnesia, ETS, not to mention basic concepts of the language.
I believe STOMP protocol is kind of ideal candidate for that exercise,
bacause it's simple enough (I mean not so complex) and contains some
non-trivial aspects e.g. transactions, full-duplex socket traffic,

I personally believe that is could be good opportunity to learn erlang
by coding instead of only by reading books, articles and tutorials,
etc. If you are interested in participation, please contact me

[1] http://stomp.codehaus.org/Protocol

Take care,

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