[erlang-questions] erl_interface shared libraries

Mike Hales mike.hales@REDACTED
Sat Sep 8 19:00:22 CEST 2007

I am interested in using the erl_interface libraries to make a Smalltalk
virtual machine act as a C-node, for communicating with other erlang
processes.  The libraries generated when building erlang are static
libraries (ei.a and friends).  Has anybody out there sucessfully compiled
the erl_interface code as shared libraries? It seems like it shouldn't be
too difficult, but my skills with gcc and make are only recently developing,
maybe someone else has a makefile to do this already?

It would be easy to share a Smalltalk bridge if the erl_interface could be
linked dynamically to the Smalltalk virtual machine.  While linking
statically is a possibility, compiling the Smalltalk virtual machine from
source is a much more difficult task and would be a barrier to entry for
many.  Any help, experience or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Initially I want to do this on Linux, then eventually Windows and OSX too.



Mike Hales
Engineering Manager
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