[erlang-questions] Stand Alone Erlang or Equivalent

David Hopwood david.hopwood@REDACTED
Fri Sep 7 21:37:38 CEST 2007

Ben Munat wrote:
> David Hopwood wrote:
>> It would also add complexity to the VM and have a performance cost.
> Running out of a compressed archive is extremely common in the Java world.

It was encryption that I was referring to as having a performance cost.

Compression adds complexity, but not usually a significant performance cost.
It can result in a performance gain if the decompression algorithm is fast
enough, and if there was enough redundancy in the original format that we
are doing substantially less I/O to read the compressed file.

So compression might be beneficial, but that is independent of any desire
for copy protection.

David Hopwood <david.hopwood@REDACTED>

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