[erlang-questions] Tilera 64-core chip - let's help them help us!

David King dking@REDACTED
Fri Sep 7 23:04:59 CEST 2007

> Well... this will spawn a process for every item in the map.  How
> efficient would that be if there are, say, 10 million elements in the
> map and only 64 processor cores?

If you have that many lists, chunk it up into the number of cores  
available, and run that many processes. See the code at http:// 
t=9630&sid=9958dd64b35126d8775355a24dfefc47 where it splits the  
(potentially very large) list using a split_list/2 function. It could  
probably be made more efficient, but the idiom would be the same.

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