[erlang-questions] Performance Testing with C++, Java, Ruby and Erlang

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I posted that blog entry yesterday and didn't expect that much controversy. I am learning Erlang and just trying any interesting distributed problems I see. This was not meant as Erlang bashing, in fact I like Erlang a lot. I mentioned several times in my blog that the comparison was not fair because I didn't implement Java and Ruby versions with multiple threads and message communication. The original algorithm that Mark Nelson posted was sequential algorithm, which mapped pretty easily to Java and Ruby. The Erlang gives you simple and quick multi-threading and message communication so I used those primitives. Ideally, I would like to compare real implementation of distributed problem in these languages and I might try next time. As far as comments are disabled, I had disabled them while ago because I get a lot of spam, but you are welcome to contact me directly. 

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