[erlang-questions] Tilera 64-core chip - let's help them help us!

Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Thu Sep 6 15:25:23 CEST 2007

--- G Bulmer <gbulmer@REDACTED> wrote:
> IMHO, getting a book as good as Joe Armstrong's will
> take significant  
> time (which is precious right now for Tilera); it'd
> almost be worth  
> supporting an Erlang port just to leverage Joe's
> book and the new  
> interest in Erlang stimulated by it. Further, if
> Tilera can do it  
> right, they could cover there costs. Intel have
> benefits to gain from  
> a good Erlang port too, and HiPE may even work on
> the i80-core!  
> What's not to like?

I would strongly suspect the chip is intended for 
performance-conscious embedded C/C++ applications
(like so many other similar chips). Surely Tilera's
main marketing and sales effort has to be in that
direction, and turning from that mainstream to
emphasizing Erlang would then seem a pretty risky
move. What if the customers shrug and turn elsewhere?

(I'm not convinced this view is entirely correct, but
some strong examples are probably needed to start
addressing that market. As a startup, you can't vary
too many parameters at the same time. Better let other
people take most of the bullets :-) 

Regarding the advancement of Erlang as a development
environment for these chips, I do think it would be
interesting to see the people in this thread getting
their PCI cards and start hacking away. But it's
probably best seen as cutting-edge R&D at this point.


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