[erlang-questions] testing frameworks

Dominic Williams xpdoka@REDACTED
Wed Sep 5 22:26:48 CEST 2007


>> There are a few testing frameworks around, I suppose the most mature
>> are the OTP test server, EUnit and maybe Extreme Forge (née XPDojo).

I suppose Extreme Forge can be called mature in the sense of having been
started a long time ago, but it certainly doesn't have much momentum for
the  moment, due to lack of spare time, sadly. And we're actually in the
middle of a sort of rewrite, so it's not even that stable.

It's not really a framework which I would expect another project like
Erlide to support - it's really intended to be a fully-fledged IDE and
more itself, for the small intersection of people interested in Erlang and
Extreme Programming.

Extreme Forge currently runs tests which can be defined using any
convention, and we actually plan to add support for unit tests written for
Eunit, so that it's easy to use Extreme Forge when you've already got lots
of Eunit tests (and habits). That's what I'd suggest for Erlide.

> Where is Extreme Forge used?

I'm not sure it's used anywhere serious yet. Even Nicolas and I don't use
it at work yet, although we're not far from being able to. We'll let the
list know when we feel it's worth giving it a try.

> Trying to get user stories from
> http://trac.extremeforge.net/extremeforge/wiki/UserStories says:
> FILE_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into it.


Dominic Williams


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