[erlang-questions] Learning Erlang from the scratch

Michael Campbell michael.campbell@REDACTED
Sat Sep 1 18:24:19 CEST 2007

On 9/1/07, Mike Berrow <mberrow1@REDACTED> wrote:
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> From: "Michael Campbell" <michael.campbell@REDACTED>
> > For everyone on this thread, there's also a slew (over 1000!) of
> > programming exercises (not sorted by difficulty, however), here:
> > http://www.spoj.pl/problems/classical/
> > Make sure you look at the left navbar for different categories - that
> > particular link goes to the "classic" ones.
> It's an impressive set of problems.
> But, Erlang is a notable exception from the list of languages that are accepted
> in the contest.

Yes, I wasn't trying to say that you could necessarily use the site
for judging your result, only that it provides a lot of exercises to
practice on.  Some, of course, w/o a judge, you might not know if your
answers are even right, but not all are like that.

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