[erlang-questions] CEAN Contributions (was: CEAN and Proxy)

Christophe Romain christophe.romain@REDACTED
Mon Mar 26 10:06:20 CEST 2007


Before releasing anything I had to make things stable and functional  
The key thing with CEAN is quality and stability.

 From the first CEAN release, If you use the developer distribution,  
you have sources of all packages, including cean (that is the start  
script which must work on all supported platforms and cean.erl).

For contribution, best is first to validate the dependencies, then to  
check package metadata (described into .pub files for each package),  
finally to add new packages.
This week CEAN 1.3 will be released with many improvements, new  
packages and bug corrections. From CEAN 1.3, all packages will  
include there .pub file. All .pub files will also be downloadable  
from the contribution web page.

Best Regards.

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