[erlang-questions] Embedded systems

Michael FIG fig@REDACTED
Fri Mar 23 19:05:57 CET 2007

Hi, all...

I'd like to use Erlang's release handling for several of my 
applications, but am a little confused about a few basic points.

1) Is it possible to run several different releases on the same 
computer?  I have a client program and a server program, and I want to 
be able to install them on different machines, or the same machine.

2) How can I install an embedded system on the same machine as a 
development Erlang system (under Windows)?  I suspect this is only 
possible by changing the Erlang executables to look at a different place 
in the registry (instead of HKLM\SOFTWARE\Ericsson\Erlang\*) to find one 

3) I'm updating the target_system.erl script to work for Windows, too. 
What belongs in the "bin/" directory of the release tarball as opposed 
to the "erts-VERSION/bin" directory?

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Michael FIG <fig@REDACTED>, PMP
MarkeTel Multi-Line Dialing Systems, Ltd.
Phone: (306) 359-6893 ext. 528

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