[erlang-questions] profiling application

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Wed Mar 21 07:24:45 CET 2007

jm wrote:

> Mmmm, seems to be a script with almost the same as the options as I
> previously used. Must be some difference in the options though
> (-hidden?). Here's the output of etop after a few minutes. As you can
> see the process zu_server has 16233 messages in it queue and the memory
> usage has blown out. What is the function gen:wait_resp_mon/3? Would I
> be right in guessing it's the other half of gen:call? If so how do I
> tell which call it's waiting on?

For those keeping score: I moved the code to another server of similar
specs, but without anything else running on it. The results were
encouraging. The CPU utilisation never got above 1% (one percent) and
even in a 30-40 minute test with traffic twice that of the original
recorded rate the memory utilisation never got above 143MB. When I added
another module back in, not included in the original tests, written
without the batch commit the old problems started to reappear, so this
is now targeted for a rewrite.


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