[erlang-questions] profiling application

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Fri Mar 16 03:53:07 CET 2007

Can someone please point me to a tutorial on profiling applications in
erlang. I have a small program which takes network usage as flow
records, categories them, adds them to the exiting usage, and commits
the changed record back into a mnesia database. To test it I fire a flow
file at it using flow-cat in combination with flow-send. This process
takes about 3 minutes to do without losing records -  as determined in a
previous test. During this and following it, unix top shows the beam
process using the majority (80%+) of the CPU and the process size
growing to about 200MB. After about 10 minutes the CPU and memory usage
seem relatively unchanged. I have tried to add some optimisations such
as summing the usage in memory and the commiting the changes on a
periodic basis. Still more improvements should be possible though. So...
a couple of questions,

1) How do I determine where the CPU and memory are going, ie where are
the bottle necks?

2) Are there any gotchas with mnesia when using large fast data sets?

thanks in advance,

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