[erlang-questions] xmerl producing atoms

bryan rasmussen rasmussen.bryan@REDACTED
Tue Mar 13 14:57:12 CET 2007

This is interesting for me, I have a framework I've ported to a number
of different platforms and I've been hoping to get the time to port to
Erlang, it should accept generic xml content and figure out routing to
processes dependent on various things in the document.

Often I need to switch between a generic handler to a specific handler
(when I recognize the XML format I handle it, when not I send further
or handle with a generic handler dependent on a bunch of rules)

So it sounds like what I should do is to call XML processing code in
some other language to tell me what I need to do, in the cases where
the code tells me that I can handle with Erlang I switch to erlang
otherwise I keep going. This all sounds very dirty. Any suggestions
for doing it cleanly and quickly? This isn't actually that important
because I am not sure when I would have a chance to port it to erlang
since I've been hoping for the time to do so over half a year and no
luck yet.

Bryan Rasmussen

On 3/13/07, Bertil Karlsson <bertil.karlsson@REDACTED> wrote:
> igwan wrote:
> > My questions : Is there a (possibly-undocumented) option for telling
> > xmerl to produce binaries or strings instead of atoms ? Or are there
> > plans to garbage-collect atoms in the near future ?
> >
> There is no ongoing work to limit the use of atoms in xmerl. Plans exist
> to do that
> for a future release.
> /Bertil
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