[erlang-questions] Internode connections

t ty tty.erlang@REDACTED
Tue Mar 13 03:36:18 CET 2007

If two nodes are interconnected (net_adm:ping/1 succeeds) and the
network connection between both nodes go down, what is the longest
time period which can pass before each node says the other is dead.
Hints to code to look at would be fine.

Reason: I had two interconnected nodes lose connections to each other
over the weekend. The servers are the same LAN but different subnet.
The servers were running the entire time, however over this weekend we
had a Daylight Saving Time change. I suspect one server might had the
time change occur before the other and the time to live got all weird.
End result, mnesia dropped its peer and I'm left with an inconsistant



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