[erlang-questions] How small could an Erlang emulator be?

Tue Mar 13 01:53:22 CET 2007

On 13 Mar 2007, at 12:04 pm, jm wrote:
 > Are there any on-line references? It could help to see a diagram  
or two
 > of the architecturea and the data sheet. I get the impression that  
 > shall we say, inspired by the cell processor.

It is an Intel chip, shipping now, so yes, there are on-line  
references in abundance.
Go to www.intel.com, choose products,  network processors, IXP 1200  
family, and
take it from there.  Data sheets, product briefs, hundreds of pages  
of one kind of
manual or another.  The one thing I have completely failed to find  
anywhere is pricing.

http://www.intel.com/design/network/ products/npfamily/docs/ 

might be a good place to start.

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