[erlang-questions] final year university project with erlang?

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Wed Mar 7 00:07:18 CET 2007

Tim Fletcher wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I'm currently on a work placement, but in October i'll be starting my
> final year at university. As part of my course (Computer Science BSc)
> i'll need to do a project - we can either pick one from those
> suggested by the department, or we can submit a "student defined"
> project. The suggestions aren't very inspiring, so I was wondering
> whether anyone here had any ideas for something I could do involving
> Erlang?

Mnesia could do with a good SQL interface. It just needs to support a
basic subset of the SQL92 commands. The purpose wouldn't be to turn
mnesia into an SQL database nor make erlang use SQL to take to mnesia,
but to allow the myriad of other programs out there that only speak SQl
and would need major modifications to use mnesia to interface easily to
programs written in erlang that use mnesia. This in turn would relieve
erlang developers from having to re-invent the wheel in many cases.

Really, I think that anything the moves erlang into more industries then
the telco and internet related industries would be good.

Some crazy ideas to help you get going:
* Content Distribution Network (CDN) software - write a file through a
web interface with meta-data and have that replicate to a number of
servers to be delivered up via HTTP and FTP

* Cluster File System - Think NFS with active/active servers and
clients. May be a little ambitious. Take a look at lustre.org and

Depending on you time constraints you may need to scale some of these
ideas back to be realistic. I always had a problem picking suitably
sized projects myself. :-)


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