[erlang-questions] Programming Erlang on Pragmatic Bookshelf

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Sun Mar 4 11:20:59 CET 2007

Hello Joe,

Le 3 mars 07 à 14:58, Joe Armstrong a écrit :

> Yes
> It was supposed to be announced next Tuesday but ...

Yes it seems that the news has spread quickly.
An interesting blog post is here:


It compares trend on Ruby and Erlang visit on the main websites.
Ruby is currently going down and Erlang is rising.
I think Pragmatic is onto something again :)

By the way, the content which is already there is excellent and the  
next chapters are very promising.
Good job and good push for the Erlang community :)

Mickaël Rémond

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