[erlang-questions] Strange meshing behavior between 3 machines

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Fri Aug 31 00:59:21 CEST 2007

"Christopher Petrilli" <petrilli@REDACTED> wrote:
>The weird part is that on host C, I see weird things depending on what
>command I use:
>nodes/0: all nodes are seen
>net_adm:names/0: all nodes are seen
>net_adm:world/0: only sees one@REDACTED and two@REDACTED, but no other @C

Which seems to be exactly the behaviour documented in net_adm(3):

        This function calls names(Host) for all hosts which  are  speci-
        fied in the Erlang host file .hosts.erlang, [...]

Since your .hosts.erlang on host C has only A and B, you shouldn't see
the nodes on C when you run net_adm:world/0 there.

>If I change the .hosts.erlang file on Host C to:
>    'A'.
>    'B'.
>    'C'.
>It works.

Seems like a good idea to do that then:-) (and ditto on A and b), since
it's clearly the intent.

> This is a totally different behavior from hosts A and B.

Yes, if they really include themselves in the list, it's strange - are
you sure you aren't actually seeing 4 nodes from net_adm:world/0 on them
rather than 5? I.e. two@REDACTED, three@REDACTED, four@REDACTED, and five@REDACTED on A, and
correspondingly on B.

--Per Hedeland

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