[erlang-questions] edoc: grouping functions

Kenneth Lundin kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Tue Aug 28 20:56:46 CEST 2007


The official Erlang documentation is generated with an application called
'docbuilder' which is introduced as open source in the OTP R11B-5 release.

For the majority of the documentation we use XML and the DTD's documented
in the docbuilder application.

For some applications we actually use edoc but with a special backend which
translate edoc input to our XML DTD's before we process it in the same
manner as
all the other docs.

The extensive documentation for 'docbuilder' can be found here:

The release of docbuilder is the first step in our plan to release the source
for all official documentation.
The purpose with releasing the source for the documentation is that
the Erlang community can contribute with enhanced ways of formatting,
integration with editors etc.
Another goal with releasing docbuilder and the source for docs could
be to create a standard way of documenting Erlang applications (with
docbuilder and edoc and enhancements).

/Kenneth (Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson)

On 8/28/07, David Mercer <dmercer@REDACTED> wrote:
> What does erlang.org use to generate the official Erlang documentation?  It
> does not look like the output I get from edoc.
> Cheers,
> David
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