[erlang-questions] Is it worth commenting this guy?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Tue Aug 28 16:56:48 CEST 2007

Robert Virding writes:

 > While I appreciate the references I personally think he is a
 > bit bonkers and just not getting it. Do you think it is worth getting into a
 > discussion with him and try to correct him where he is wrong? Has anyone
 > tried?

I stumbled across this (from the same author):

  | I am willing to stick my neck out and make the following prediction:
  | The most revolutionary scientific advances in this century will come
  | from the Bible.
  | There is no doubt that the discovery of AI, one of the most coveted
  | holy grails of modern science, will be shocking news in its own
  | right. The notion that the secret of AI was written down in a book
  | nearly two thousand years ago is bound to ruffle many a scientific
  | feather. And that the book in question should turn out to be the Bible
  | (of all things!) will be more than many can bear. Indeed, why not the
  | Koran? Why not the Vedic scriptures? Why did not the secret of AI come
  | from Buddhism or Hinduism or some other religion? Most important of
  | all, why did it not come from the scientific community seeing that
  | they are all so quick to discredit the scientific importance of not
  | just the Bible, but all ancient scriptures?
  |   http://www.rebelscience.org/Seven/bible.html

Pretty much all of that is outside my area of expertise.


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