[erlang-questions] Search engine in Erlang

Jeff Rogers dvrsn@REDACTED
Mon Aug 27 00:34:57 CEST 2007

Joel Reymont wrote:
> Has anyone implemented a text or tag search engine in Erlang?
> Would you share implementation tips?
> I would like to have tagged bits of information and quickly search  
> using a number of tags.

I started writing a module to read lucene indexes but didn't get very 
far - a number of implementation features (variable-length integers so 
you need to read them a single byte at a time, lengths in characters 
instead of bytes so you can't just skip over a block that you want to 
ignore) make them annoying to deal with in their normal form (although 
I'm sure it makes alot of sense for the java implementation).  If you 
ignore some of those encoding oddities but use the same basic 
architecture of named fields to search within that might be a reasonable 
foundation to start building on.


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