[erlang-questions] Deployment of erlang apps.

Oscar Hellström oscar@REDACTED
Thu Aug 23 19:35:54 CEST 2007


For the ease of deployment in case of starting, stopping, monitoring, 
distribution etc. it is probably best to keep them as in one interpeter. 
You can for instance run it as a target system, which can be very 
convenient, both for distribution and for start/stop/monitoring. If you 
want to benefit from several processors / cores, you can use the SMP 
support added to recent Erlang distributions.

If it's *one* application (not Erlang application, but from a 
user/administrator perspective) I'd keep it as one OS process.

Bernhard Damberger wrote:
> What is the recommended way to deploy an erlang application? Is it better to
> dump everything into one erlterpreter, or to split the application into
> several different processes (assuming on one machine)?
> For example I was running saw Yaws, erljabberd and some custom code, should
> I split into three separate processes or dump them into one?
> What do people recommend?
> _bernhard

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