[erlang-questions] Parse-transforming !! to a function call

Christian S chsu79@REDACTED
Sun Aug 12 01:41:34 CEST 2007

It doesnt even parse, so the parse-transform cant work on it.

{ok, Tokens, Lines} =  erl_scan:string("foo(X) -> foo !! X.").

It has been suggested before that the backtick or similar could be used
to create an infix operator out of an arity-two function, like in haskell.

X `add` Y vs add(X, Y)

or in your case

x `!!` y instead of '!!'(x, y)


I'm not all that crazy about the idea though. LispErlang would be cooler. :)

2007/8/12, Joel Reymont <joelr1@REDACTED>:
> Suppose I wanted !! to send a synchronous message via a function
> call. How would I write a parse transform to do it?
> I would like x !! y to be transformed into mod:func(x, y). Is this
> possible?
>         Thanks in advance, Joel

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